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Gigabit Wireless | MPLS | Cloud Connect

Touch IT Networks presents tailor-made products for all user levels, from mobile operators to Corporates, Enterprises, SMEs, as well as Residential users. Whatever your connectivity need is, be it unlimited internet, layer-2 connectivity to teraco, South Africa, regional or internationally, we do have a solution for you. We have presence in teraco, Johannesburg, telehouse, London

unlimited internet

A suite of unlimited internet packages suitable for both business and residential with speeds upto 50Mbps over our wireless network. No dependancy on another service provider, services provided through our data centre at TERACO in Johannesburg.

MPLS Connect Over Wireless

To connect different branches or locations within the kingdom of Eswatini, we provide this product so that you can seemlessly connect all your branches to belong to the same LAN, we manage the pipe, you manage the services over it. Service offered upto 20Mbps symmetric speeds.

MPLS Connect Over Fibre

Branch to branch connections where fibre from local incumbent operator is available, and also demand higher speeds, of more than 20Mbps, to connect to same LAN, this product is suitable for that. This product ride over third-party operator.

Regional Long distance

Point to point layer 2 connections from any location in the kingdom of Eswatini to any location in South Africa, be it TERACO, and or any other data centre, or location, we have this product for you.


Connections at layer 2 from the kingdom of Eswatini to international destinations, such as London, we provide connectivity all the way to the location required by client, through our global partners.

Cloud Connect

Dedicated internet Access service, with 1:1 contention ratio, uncapped, unthrottled, unlimited, from speeds, 5Mbps upto 1Gbps depending on the requirement you have. We provide service both over Gigabit wireless technology, and over third-party fibre connection.

Network REdundacy

our focus is on Connectivity

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Our Sales engineers have all the time to give you a visit to provide a presentation of our products, as well as hear your needs. We go all the way to ensuring the entire customer network, even the LAN is optimized to the fullest ability. 

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