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Africa’s definition of AI-Powered Intelligent Access for Remote First Applications, Next generation SD-WAN today.

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Managed Multi-Cloud Connectivity and IPT Service Provider

Touch IT Networks, a licensed Connectivity provider in the Kingdom of Eswatini, Republic of South Africa and Kenya, prides herself of reliable and affordable connectivity solutions to service providers as well as corporates and end users. 

Touch IT Networks prides herself with state of the art carrier-grade wireless and fibre networks to deliver both IPT and SD-WAN services. Touch IT’s next generation SD-WAN technology is AI-Powered and provide Intelligent Access for Remote first applications.


Why is Touch IT the Best

AI-Powered SD-WAN

The best next generation SD-WAN, bringing the edge much closer to the user, not only on-premise but as far as the remote user, remote machine for IoT. We have Africa covered.

Wireless | Fibre Internet

A suite of wireless and fibre internet access packages, suitable for all budgets. Transparently uncapped, unshaped, no hidden costs.

Wholesale IPT Services

Provider of wholesale IPT to ISPs and Mobile operators, connectivity to the most affordable and stable submarine cable providers. Connectivity links back to teraco DC, Mombasa icolo DC, Nairobi DC  and telehouse DC

Touch IT Networks
expands to Kenya

Touch IT Networks has launched in Eastern Africa. Best known as a Global Connectivity Provider specializing in IP Transit (IPT) capacity for internet service provider traffic needs, at best unit pricing for rapid scalability. Our Eastern Africa IPT unit pricing adapts to our ISP customer’s growth demands. Our service level agreements reflect our reputation for redundant and reliable IPT delivery from our Data Centers in Mombasa and Nairobi with our Network Operations Center in Mbabane monitoring our IPT deployments for min 99.8% uptime commitment we stand for. We have improved pricing models to make sure our ISP customers can double their IPT capacity at ease to provide better internet experience to their residential and business subscribers.

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